Terms and Conditions

What You DO Get as a Founding Member

Your Own Website

Your website will include all the EPIC Plan functionalities as detailed on the Homepage.

It will be pre-loaded with a variety of design led page layouts, including generic copy and images, which are all geared towards the Social Media Management industry.

Your website will be ready to launch in April 2020, although you will then need to spend some time customising your site to suit you.

You must be prepared to partake in some ‘DIY-ing” on your website – this is not a full website design and build service. 

Lifetime Hosting

As a Founding Member, you will be entitled to lifetime hosting on the SMM SiteBuilder platform, using the SMM SiteBuilder designs and functionalities.

If at any point you decide that you want to move away from your SMM SiteBuilder website, you will be required to set up and purchase a new hosting plan at a provider of your choice.

You will not be able to transfer your SMM SiteBuilder website to any other webhost at any time.

Input into SMM SiteBuilder

As a Founding Member, you will on our Customer Advisory Board and be asked to guide and influence the design, set up and functionalities of the SMM SiteBuilder platform.

This means that throughout the design and build phase, you will be asked for your opinion and ideas on how the platform is being put together. As such, you should be willing to provide good honest feedback and ask as many questions as possible.

The aim is to build a perfect website solution for SMMs, ready for the full launch in April 2020.

What You DON’T Get as a Founding Member


Custom Design Service

This is not a full custom design and build in the traditional sense.

Although you will be strongly influencing the final design and sign up process, you will not be able to directly instruct the development team on how to design the site.

The general design and page layouts will be fully customizable. 

You must be prepared to partake in some ‘DIY-ing” on your website, following the tutorials and instructions included on your site.

Ability to Add or Change Functionalities, Plugins or Themese

SMM SIteBuilder is a formulaic website builder platform, providing each member with the same functions, plugins and themes.

As such, although you can choose which page layouts and functions to use, you will not be able to add functions or change your website theme. 

 You are able to fully customize page designs, including colours, text, images and layouts however.

Intellectual Property Rights or Core Files

You will not be able to migrate your site away from the SMM SiteBuilder platform at any time, nor employ any website design or developer to work on the website.

You will not have access to the hosting account or core files of SMM SiteBuilder.

You website will remain the property of SMM SiteBuilder, although you will have full rights to edit design, copy and imagery.

Fulfilment, Spec Changes & Refund Policy



The current aim is to deliver all Founding Member’s websites by April 2020.

As we are still in the prototype and development phase, this date is subject to change.

It is possible that technological and development issues mean this fulfilment date needs to be extended and we reserve the right to extend this deadline by up to 6 months.

Spec Changes

Research so far means that the specification detailed on the Homepage is entirely possible.

However, as the prototype is developed, it may come to light that the spec has to change. This can be due to software conflicts, external services no longer being supported or rising costs.

We fully intend to fulfil exactly what we have specified, but we reserve the right to make changes to the spec if necessary.

Refund Policy

Once you have possession of your SMM SiteBuilder website, there will be no refunds.

If your SMM SiteBuilder website is not delivered to you by 31st October 2020, you will be given a full refund.

If the SMM SiteBuilder platform should cease to exist for any reason, Founding Members will be given a full package back-up of their site which can be uploaded to a new web host. This wouldn’t include licenses for updates to software or themes,

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